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Templin computing seeks to establish partnerships and professional relationships with other companies and individuals to better support the needs our business clients. Included is a word from a few of our clinets

Partners and Links

If you contact any of the following please make sure you let them know you found them from my web page.

Open EMR and General IT Experts, Dallas TX

Tracy and Lewis can help your medical office comply with the Electronic records mandates and save you money in the long term. They also provide IT services to the Dallas Metro area and anywhere in North Texas and western Arkansas.

Summit Services

Quality business VOIP services. I can provide equipment, these guys provide a great hosted or on-site phone system solution. VOIP will save you money. So if your phone system is getting old or you are ready to save on your monthly bill. Give them or me a call and we can get you started.

ABP Technologies

VOIP Equipment provider. We are a reseller for them and can save you money on all your VOIP equipment needs.

Grace Academy, Marysville WA
Grace Academy is a large private school of roughly 300-320 students spread across five buildings, with five servers and 80+ workstations.

"Paris Templin has been our IT system administrator for the past two years, which has required him to maintain the computer network and the desktops. During this time he was required to fix a number of problems with desktop machines, install all new computers in the computer lab, replaced our outdated Novell network with a Linux/Windows network, and resolved all attendant problems...Mr Templin has done an excellent job of working with people who operate the machines to understand problems and resolve them. Likewise, he has reorganized the system administrator workspace to make it more functional.... I endorse Mr. Templin for working in an IT environment."
Timothy Lugg, Administrator, (June 2005)

NOTE: Grace and Tim continue to be our client and Templin Computing handles their IT and backup needs.

Be Prepared for Anything

It is important for everyone to prepare for natural disasters, unemployment, or socital breakdowns. While we live in a great country it never seems to leave me amazed at how many people are completely unprepared for unsettled times. An ice storm blows thorugh and within two days people are complaining if the Government hasn't set up a food and water distribution system for everyone. Why were they not prepared? It's easy to do and if done over time, affordable. There is no reason for anyone to be unprepared.
Below is a list of buttons, sites, etc.. I have used. Feel free to contact me about any of these and I can give you advice for free. If have found that certain things are better purchased from different sites and doing it yourself is actually fairly easy for many of the basics. Let me know if you need advice or ideas! I will be glad to share them.

US Government Site - Worth visiting to check facts and info.

Food Storage Analyzerô

Emergency Essentials - This is a great site for seeing how much you know! Also, their sales and prices gernerally are the best around. If you are short on time start at Emergency Essentials A.K.A. beprared.com first.

The Ready Store - Another great place for general information. One of the better places to price compare and purchase long term cans.

Internet Grocer - Links to one of the best places I have found to get canned meat. We use these at home and like all but the hamburger. The canned bacon, when you can get it!, is great. This site is a great source for solving you protein and meat storage. Teay also have lots of other stuff that is worth comparing.

Patriot Food - If you are looking for grab and go buckets this is likely the best and most price effective source. Do shop around to see there is a deal at Costco™ or some where else!

Ready Made Resources - Another preparedness site. they have a little of everything. Once again compare, compare, compare!

With all these sites please make sure you look around and compare. Check both prices, serving sizes, and the fine details. Because they are all different! Dig for the details before leaping for what looks like a great deal. But don't look for too long and be caught unprepared.

More to be added. This page currently under construction. Please contact me if you want to be added.