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Your business depends on keeping your computers running and the data secured. Every business needs a competent IT professional to assist them. Like the dentist we aim to prevent problems with our services.
Templin Computing offers our customers the best solutions possible providing you with options for Server & Network Administration, Desktop support, Backup Services, and CRM solutions. Templin Computing will serve as your IT resource OR as a valuable extension of your IT Department.

Templin Computing’s philosophy is that the management of information for businesses is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect. Smart business people need quality IT support. Our objective is to become your trusted provider of IT support and Backup services.

Services Offered Description


Templin Computing Backup Solutions

Your business depends on the data you collect and store on your computer systems. You can not afford to have an ad-hoc backup plan. If you are not backing up your data automatically off-site everyday, you are vulnerable. Templin Computing provides a state of the art off-site backup system for a price that is hard to beat, keeping your data secure and recoverable.

For more information about our Backup Solution see our Backup Services page HERE. That website provides everything backup we provide. You can siognup for service directly from the site as well.

In business services there are three operative words: Service, Quality, and Price. Choose two.
Templin Computing will provide you excellent service, and our backup is the highest quality possible (consistently ranks #1 in the survey's by computer magazines and rating agencies). Our price is competitive. If you are all about the lowest price possible we are probably not the best choice for you. Just know that the other lower priced services are lacking one of the others, and usually its quality. You must ask yourself how valuable is your data and how important is it to you?
With that in mind I think you will choose Templin Computing Backup over the competition.


CRM Solutions

Your business depends on the data you collect and store about your clients, customers, and vendors. This is true or a sales organization or a mom and pop operation. Being able to accurately keep this information available to all employees and track interactions is important to a well managed business. Every business, no matter how small, should have a CRM system in place. To make it possible for every business to have a CRM Templin Computing provides a very configurable state of the art CRM solution for free, only configuration and customizations will cost you something, the less you change from the base the cheaper it will be. Instead of spending thousands of dollars a year to support and license a CRM, try SugarCRM offered and installed by Templin Computing and find out how flexible and customizable it is. Contact us for more information and a quote for providing the customization and training.


Server/Network Administration, Desktop Support

Templin Computing has provided its customers for over 20 years with basic and advanced IT services. We can work remotely or on site with you or your IT department. We have experience working with Linux, Windows, Windows Servers, web sites, and just about every area of computer services. Service is provided on an hourly basis. Contracts are also available. We can be on call as needed. Single contact assistance or on-going support is available. We are flexible and want to provide you with the best service to meet whatever need you have, be it for a one time problem, short term coverage , or on-going long-term support. Templin Computing is also able to provide hardware at below list price. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help.


Emergency Medical Records

Through an affiliate Templin Computing can refer you to a company that will provide your medical office with professional EMR software but at a fraction of the price the big software vendors will charge. The software is based off the open-source OpenEMR software. Products like Centricity(R) will cost you around $5-10,000 per year. Not so with OpenEMR. Contact us and we will refer your practice to our partner so you can find out about the specific costs and capabilities.


Voice Over IP Solutions

Templin Computing no longer supports and provides VOIP connectivity. We are willing to assist your IT specialist in configuring phones and are able to use our resller purchasing power to save you money on hardware. Templin Computing no longer directly provides VOIP phone service but has a firm we can refer you too. Let us know what you need and we can send you a quote.